Dymond Watts

Dymond Watts

What were your major(s) at UCCS?

"Inclusive Early Childhood Education."

What was your favorite moment on your education abroad program and why?
"My favorite moment was being able to experience a piece of the nightlife and subway systems in Seoul."

Why did you choose to go abroad?
"I always was interested in going to different countries. I feel that here in the United States, what we know about different cultures and people are predetermined by our history and interactions that we hear about. I wanted to be able to form my own opinions about different countries and civilizations without being biased."

What is one thing that being abroad taught you â€“ academically, personally, culturally, or in some other way?
"Being abroad taught me that people will be patient with you when they see you trying. Whether that is attempting to speak their language, or helping you out when you look lost or stuck."