Application Process and Deadlines

Application Process

Application Process and Deadlines

The online application is accessible by clicking the “Apply Now” button from your chosen program’s brochure page. Be sure to follow carefully the directions provided and complete all required application materials.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two parts to applying for education abroad at UCCS:

  1. The UCCS Education Abroad application/registration
  2. The individual, specific program application


**Please note that in order to create an official application, you will need to begin by going to you're chosen program's brochure page and clicking the gold Apply Now button in the upper right.**


Our deadlines are flexible and the deadlines posted are priority deadlines, in which students are encouraged to apply by so they can ensure acceptance to the program of their choice. 

SPRING- October 1


SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS APPLYING TO EXCHANGE PROGRAMS: If you are applying to study abroad at a partner institution as a visiting exchange student you should first complete the online UCCS online application, for review and approval by the UCCS International Affairs Office. Once approved, students will be nominated as exchange applications at the partner institution. Students will work closely with the International Affairs Office to collect and submit all application materials required by the partner institution.


You will be notified by email once an admissions decision has been reached. To proceed, log in to your MyUCCSAbroad account to confirm your participation. Your host institution or program provider will make the final decision regarding program acceptance.


A  non-refundable education abroad application/registration fee will be charged depending on the type of program selected. This fee will cover registration as well as automatic enrollment in Education Abroad's Travel Accident and Sickness insurance through International SOS. For more information on the Insurance policy, please visit our International Health Insurance page.

  • $150 short-term program education abroad non-refundable registration fee:  summer, winter, UCCS short-term programming abroad
  • $250 semester education abroad non-refundable registration fee:  fall or spring semester
  • $500 academic year education abroad non-refundable fee