Course Approvals

Course Approvals

Course Approvals

The course approval process (Study Away Form) ensures that the credits you take abroad count toward your degree requirements. (Note: The course approval process does not APPLY to students participating on faculty-directed programs). Course approvals (Study Away Form) are mandatory and must be completed before your departure to ensure that students are enrolled properly. In order to receive credit for courses taken abroad, you need to get academic approvals by your Academic Advisor and/or Department Chair. You will use a special form, the UCCS Study Away Form.

Study Away Course Approval Form and Instructions

Read the instructions carefully in the PDF above to ensure your courses are approved correctly. The Education Abroad team can assist students in filling out the form properly. Please also keep in mind the following:

  1. Signatures are to be completed by ALL parties as appropriate: Academic Advisor, Compass Curriculum Committee, and/or Department Chair and Student.
  2. Indicate whether your education abroad experience is for "Exchange" or "Non-Exchange."
  3. Understand the Grade and Credit Equivalencies between UCCS and your Host University or institution. The grade and credit equivalencies are important so that you can plan the number of credits you need to take while abroad. Questions? Ask the Education Abroad team.

Once the form has been completed, the form must be submitted as part of the education abroad pre-departure process.

Types of Credit

Program Providers: Students participating on these specific programs will receive transfer credit (P/F) for coursework abroad. Credit will  show up on UCCS transcript as transfer credit and is not calculated into the cumulative UCCS GPA.

Exchange Programs: Students participating on exchange programs will receive letter grades to appear on UCCS transcript for coursework abroad. Semester abroad on an exchange program will be factored into overall cumulative UCCS GPA.

Faculty-Directed Programs: Students on UCCS faculty and staff directed programs may earn UCCS credit by directly enrolling in the offered class. The course and grade will post and be factored into the overall cumulative GPA.