Elena Blea

Elena Blea

What were your major(s) at UCCS?

"Philosophy, Justice & the Global Society."


What was your favorite moment on your education abroad program and why?⁠

"Seeing all the incredible landmarks and scenery is an experience I am so thankful for and will never forget. I especially enjoyed the Sagrada Familia Basílica. I was completely overwhelmed by the immense and extraordinary detail in the architecture and the deep significance of this landmark. It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen."⁠


Why did you choose to go abroad?⁠

"I have always wanted to travel abroad for an extended period of time, and studying abroad was the perfect opportunity for me to go explore while also being disciplined in my studies. I have always wanted to go to Europe, especially Spain, and explore that part of the world as much as possible. I chose Barcelona because it is right on the coast and also has mountains, and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Choosing to go abroad was the best experience of my life."⁠


What is one thing that being abroad taught you – academically, personally, culturally, or in some other way?

"I learned a lot about myself, my culture, and about different world cultures. More than anything, I developed a great sense of empathy and enlightenment from experiencing life as an American in a culture that is completely different from my own. I also feel like I have matured and have a better sense of responsibility for my own happiness and my goals."⁠