UCCS Short-Term Programs

UCCS Programs

UCCS Short-Term Programs

UCCS short-term programs are a great way to go abroad with your UCCS community for a shorter length of time. Most programs are about 10 days long and run in the early summer (late May/early June), though some will run over winter or spring break. Led by a UCCS faculty or staff member, short-term programs include faculty-directed programs, service learning, and student group trips.

Learn more about our current short-term program offerings by visiting our program database.

Sponsored International Travel Program Guidelines Regarding Unaffiliated Guests for Participants

University-sponsored international travel programs are for the benefit of registered participants. Unaffiliated guests are not permitted on such programs. The following guidelines are written for students and participants on UCCS Short-term programs abroad (i.e. Faculty and Staff-Directed Programming Abroad) while the program is in progress. A program is considered to be in progress based on the announced program dates for a course or international education experience.  

Short-term Programs Abroad

To ensure the academic quality of the program and safety of all registered participants. no unaffiliated guest(s) are permitted while the program is in progress. An unaffiliated guest is a person that is going on the program but is not a registered participant. Examples of an unaffiliated guest may include a family member, an outside guest, or a dependent. Non-UCCS students may participate in a program if they have approval from the program leader, apply and complete all International Affairs Education Abroad registration requirements, are accepted to the program, and pay all fees.